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Author Kristiana Bogdanova
iGaming industry content specialist

Main information about author Kristiana Bogdanova

  • experienced editor and content maker with more than 10 years in the iGaming sector
  • main direction: developing and executing strategic marketing plans
  • created more than 300+ online casino reviews and bonuses

Experience in Gambling industry and Education:

Kristiana has Master degree in Marketing Product Management and Bachelor degree in Business administration.

Six years from 2011-2017 worked in global company – Evolution Gaming (B2B online casino services). Started with operator position and finished as Mentor for newcomers. Responsibilities and received experience:

  • Host live casino games such as blackjack, roulette, 3 card poker and baccarat with a professional and engaging demeanor. 
  • Present games in a captivating and exciting way to improve player engagement and enjoyment.
  • Engage in live chat with players, responding to their inquiries and resolving their issues.
  • Share best practices with a new Live Dealers in order to help them adjust to the role (avoid mistakes).
  • Assisted mentees in developing key skills required for success in the iGaming industry, including technical skills, game operation in live stream. Worked 3 years as a mentor and has one-on-one mentoring sessions with more than 50 newcomers.

From 2015-2018 remotely worked for land based casino in Poland. Proven track record in content maker, project management, and player acquisition. Adept at leveraging data analytics to optimize performance and user experience. Strong background in regulatory compliance and industry trends.

2019-2021 content creator in online casino adverising website. Produced more than 80+ casino reviews and bonuses. Results: more organic search traffic was obtained as a result of content optimization using SEO tactics.

2022 – now iGaming industry content specialist in Developing engaging posts and articles covering casino reviews, industry news, and strategy guides. Working in tandem with online casino managers to obtain unique insights that improve the appeal and authority of the content created.

BonusFanatic Content author Kristiana Bogdanova Key Skills:

  • Content Creation: Blogging, Reviews, Copywriting
  • Social Media Management: Twitter X
  • SEO and Analytics: Google Analytics, SEO Optimization, Keyword Research
  • Community Engagement: Forum Management, User Interaction, Feedback Collection
  • Technical Skills: WordPress, HTML/CSS