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Online gambling should be entertainment

Responsible gambling online –  is key to get only positive emotions and experience during playing Casino Games. At our website, we are committed to promoting Casinos with safe and enjoyable gaming environment. We understand, that gambling must be a form of entertainment – to ensure that it remains only qualitative and safe experience for everyone involved. We are sure, that most of the players understand and accept online games as an interesting pastime. However, like in any industry – there are exceptions, when gambling can bring some troubles for individuals. Most often this is the result of a combination of various circumstances. Of course, this is a small probability, but still we want to pay attention to this and warn all players.

We try to promote only qualitative Casinos with focus on players comfortable stay at platform.

Mostly Casinos offer these important options for responsible gambling:

  • Ability to set limits – Special tools that allow players to set personal limits on their deposits/ wagers/ losses.
  • Self-Exclusion from gambling – Great option for players who want to take a break from gambling. This feature allows individuals to pause their accounts (for a specific period of time or forever).
  • Strict Age verification – Procedure which ensures that only individuals of legal gambling age (18+) can access casino.
  • Support and Assistance to players: All Casinos promote access to support organizations (that specialize in problem gambling).
  • Monitoring gambling behavior: Casinos monitor players gambling activities to figure out if someone start to send signs of problem gambling.

First signs of problem gambling:

  • When player feel necessity to place larger bets (to experience the same level of excitement or to recover losses).
  • When it is difficult to set limits – Time limits or money limits while playing.
  • Trying to win back losses – Casino games are luck games and there is chance to loose as well. If player tries to win back losses, then it is one of the first signs of problem gambling.
  • Games become a priority – Playing shouldn't become a priority over work, studies, family commitments and other important obligations.
  • Borrow Money to Play – To Fund gambling needs, individuals can start borrow money from friends, family or financial institutions.
  • Stress and Mood Swings – person can feel serious changes in emotional well-being.
  • Hide Gambling activities – Person can start hide own finances and gambling activities from family.
  • Difficulties in financial sector – growing debts/ unpaid bills/ frequent requests for loans are strong indicators of problem in gambling.

Please note, that one or more of these signs doesn't mean that someone has a gambling problem for sure. However, if you or your friend experience multiple signs and it is causing stress or negatively impacting life – don't wait and look for help from professional resources and support organizations. One of these organizations is – BeGambleaware website.

How to solve problem?

  • First Step – Accept that gambling problem exist.
  • Make a research and learn everything about problem gambling – it can help to get motivation looking for professional help.
  • Find Professional Support (can contact the support of any casino).
  • Self-exclution to avoid impulsive gambling behavior.
  • Redirect focus from gambling to hobbies, exercise, socializing or new interests.
  • If you feel it's necessary – remove gambling- related apps or websites from your devices.

We are sure that our website visitors enjoy qualitative and positive gaming experience, however if some of you have any doubts, please don't be afraid to ask help. Here will be contacts of World- known help services which has focus on responsible gambling online:

  • Gamblers Anonymous – website (
  • GamCare – website (
  • BeGambleAware website (